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                                             Topic: REPORTED SPEECH (Set-5)

1➤ Rewrite the sentence into indirect speech by choosing the correct answer. "My mother wrote a letter", John said. (Assi. Store Keeper (KSRTC) 2011)

2➤ Change into indirect speech: Raju asked Ravi, "Have you seen a picture"? (LDC By Transfer(Various)2011)

3➤ He told me that he____ resign next month. (Lab. Asst. I 2011)

4➤ The girl_____ the salesman that the books were costly. (Asst. Director of National Savings. 2011)

5➤ Rakesh said that he_____ be going home the following day. (Lab. Asst. II 2011)

6➤ Raju informed me_____. (Fireman Trainee SR. /Male warden KNR 2012)

7➤ The correct indirect speech of the sentence: I said to Hari, "Why are you lazy". (Fireman Trainee SR. /Male warden KNR 2012)

8➤ The lady said, "I saw the culprit". Change into reported speech. (LDC TSR 2013)

9➤ Point out the error part in: He told me that I am an intelligent girl. (LDC KTM 2013)

10➤ He said, "I bought a house in Mumbai". The indirect speech of the sentence is: (LDC ALPA 2013)

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