Previous Year Series

                                   Topic: DEGREES OF COMPARISON (Set-6)

1➤ Fill in the space using the correct form of the adjective: He is the ______ person I have ever met. (SI, EI,Assi.Jailor 2014)

2➤ Physics is ______ than History. (Women Police Constable (TSR, KNR) - 2014)

3➤ This room is ______ than the other. (SC Dvlpt Officer Gr,I (S.R For SC/ST) 2014)

4➤ Sheela is ______ tallest girl in the class: (Assi. Gr.II, Beverages Corp.2015)

5➤ Few cities in the world are ______ than New Delhi. (Police Constable 2015)

6➤ Complete the following sentence using an appropriate adjective: He is the ______ member of the club. (Muncipal Secretaray Gr.III 2015)

7➤ Sitha is as smart as ______. (Jr.Assi. (Eligibility Test) KSFE 2015)

8➤ The superlative form of 'little' is ______. (Legal Assi.Gr.II, Law Dpt 2015)

9➤ Nina is _______ than Anil. (Sergeant (NCA) 2015)

10➤ The weather today is ______ than yesterday. (LDC Various Kannada & Malayalam 2016)

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