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                                   Topic: DEGREES OF COMPARISON (Set-8)

1➤ It is ________ to go by train than by car. (VEO -(ALPA, KTM, TSR) -2019)

2➤ My uncle's car is much __________ than my father's. (VEO - (KSGD, PKD, EKM) -2019)

3➤ Khalil Gribran is one of the greatest poets of the world'. Pick out the comparative degree of the sentence. (VEO-KLM, IDK, KNR)-2019)

4➤ 'Twilight' is the ------- book I have ever read. (Police Constable IRB (RW) (NCA-SCCC) - 04/09/2020)

5➤ Choose the correct comparison. (Ldc Kannada Knowing - 02/11/2021)

6➤ Roger is the___ of the four brothers. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 2 - 18/04/2021)

7➤ Calicut is ----- than Kannur. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 1 - 10/04/2021)

8➤ This house is ----- than my house. (Ldc Ex-Servicemen - 07/10/2021)

9➤ Change the following sentence into positive degree, "It is easier to preach than to practice." (High School Teacher English-2022)

10➤ This paper is inferior __________ that. (Junior Assi./ Assi. Gr II/ EDP Assi. - KSBCDC Ltd/ ODEPC Ltd/ KSIEL/ KSCRMF Ltd - 2022 )

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