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                                                         Topic: IF CLAUSE (Set-14)

1➤ Had he been inoculated, effect of the disease _________ milder on him.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage I – Various)

2➤ If you had enough money, you _____ a car.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage I – Various)

3➤ If you had missed the bus, you______ Complete the sentence suitably. (Junior Receptionist, Receptionist cum Telephone Operator -Degree Level Main -30.11.2022)

4➤ If we had followed the instructions of the Health Department, increasing Covid cases ______well. (Complete the Clause suitably) (Excise Inspector (Trainee)- Degree Level Main - 29.11.2022)

5➤ If had more time, Which among the following is the suitable clause to complete the conditional sentence given above? (Degree Mains Subinspector of Police - 22/11/22)

6➤ If the game is good, I ______ play it. (Fill up choosing the right option.)(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage III - 10.12.2022)

7➤ Fill in the blanks: If I ———————— taller, I ———————— the University basketball team. (Typist, LD Typist, Reporter Gr II & Confidential Assi. Gr II in KEAEC, KSCSC & Legislature Secretariat - 22-02-2023)

8➤ If I were rich, I _______ everyone. (Lower Division Clerk - Dpt : Kerala Water Authority- 02.11.2022 )

9➤ Had I not helped him, he ______ escaped.

10➤ If you ______ the patient in time, we could have saved his life. (Legal Assi./ Legal Assi. Grade II Dept: KSIDC Ltd/ Law Department (Govt. Secretariat) – 03.06.2022)

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