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                                        Topic: SENTENCE  CORRECTION (Set-5) 

1➤ Correct the sentence if there is an error. You can pass the examination if you answer the questions with precision, accurately and quickly. (Degree Prelims Phase-I - 13/11/2021)

2➤ Which is the correct sentence? (Secratariat OA - 11/12/2021)

3➤ Which sentence is correct? (Ldc Kannada Knowing - 02/11/2021)

4➤ Which is the correct sentence? (Inspecting Assistant - 28/02/2022)

5➤ Identify the correct sentence. (High Court Assistant - 27/02/2022)

6➤ The sentence below is marked into three parts. Point out the part of the sentence which contains an error, or indicate if there is no error at all. When(1) / I came back (2)/ my bike was gone.(3) (High Court Assistant - 27/02/2022)

7➤ Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no error select option 'D'. ‘My daughter (1) / with all her friends (2)/ have arrived (3).’ (Beat Forest Officer - 21/03/2022)

8➤ Spot the error in the following sentence. 100 rupees (1)/ are not a (2)/ big sum of money (3)/for the students(4). (Civil Excise Officer - 26/02/2022)

9➤ Find out the sentence/sentences that is/are grammatically correct. i) One of my relatives have gone abroad. ii) You are strictly instructed to write the answers in ink. iii) He hanged the picture on the wall. iv) One should respect his parents and elders.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage I – Various)

10➤ They forbid the workers from going on a strike. The given sentence may be rewritten as (Junior Receptionist, Receptionist cum Telephone Operator -Degree Level Main -30.11.2022)

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