Previous Year Series

                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-1)

1➤ Where have you been all day? I have been looking for you high and low. Here high and low means. (Account Assistant 1997)

2➤ What is a 'black sheep'? (LDC Wayanad 2003)

3➤ He visits his home town 'once in a blue moon'. (LDC Wayanad 2003)

4➤ The celebrated painter's works have been 'sold for a song': (LD Clerk Kollam 2003)

5➤ He has 'burnt his fingers' by attacking a constable: (LD Clerk Kollam 2003)

6➤ Wool gathering means. (L. D. Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

7➤ He 'took to heart' the death of his sister. (L. D. Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

8➤ Our college is 'within a stone's throw' from here. (L. D. Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

9➤ Slow and steady wins the _______. (LDC Kozhikode 2003)

10➤ 'A red letter day' means. (LDC Thrissur 2003)

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