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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-10)

1➤ I stood by him through 'thick and thin'. (Meaning choose to the idiom underlined) (LDC (Various) & VEO (ST SR & PH) 2014)

2➤ Choose the correct option for the following: A 'Dark Horse' is: (SI, EI, Assi. Jailor 2014)

3➤ The meaning of the idiom: 'to cook somebody's goose' is: (Divisional Accountant, Water Authority 2014)

4➤ Find the meaning of the idiom underlined:There was a communal riot in a village. The religious heads rushed to the spot for 'fanning the flame.' (Jr. Assi. Foam mattings 2014)

5➤ After cutting their Maths class, Syam and Jeevan had gone for a film. The next day they met the Maths Teacher, Foolish Syam 'let the cat out of the bag'. Find one word for the idiom underlined: (Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

6➤ My grandfather usually had 'forty winks' after lunch. The underlined words mean: (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2015)

7➤ Write one word for the phrase underlined: The son 'turned a deaf ear' to his mother's advice. (Metron Gr. 1, Social Justice 2015)

8➤ Choose the phrase nearest in meaning to the underlined idiom: Her sari 'cost the earth'. (Jr. Assi. /Cashier/Assi. Gr. II KSFE/KSEB/TSR Corp. 2015)

9➤ Bring out the meaning of the idiom in the following sentence: We shall fight 'tooth and nail' for our rights: (Muncipal Secretary Gr. III 2015)

10➤ 'A wild goose chase' means: (Transport Officer KSRTC by Transfer 2015)

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