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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-11)

1➤ Pick out the nearest in meaning: 'To fly off the handle' (Divisional Accountant 2015)

2➤ Which of the following idioms means 'to break an uncomfortable silence'? (High School Assi. English 2015)

3➤ Which of the following idiom means 'something which causes quarrel'? (High School Assi. English 2015)

4➤ The idiom 'Black sheep' means: (Male / Female warden 2015)

5➤ 'The Pros and cons of a new venture', means:

6➤ 'Red letter day' means: (LDC Bill Collector 2015)

7➤ Choose the correct idiom to fill the blank in the sentence: It's midnight. Time to______. (Forest Guard - 2015)

8➤ Don't expect any help from this ___ man. (Metron Gr. I, Social justice 2015)

9➤ Pick out the meaning of the given sentence: He is 'high-handed' (Food safety Officer, Food safety 2015)

10➤ What does the following idiom mean? 'A bolt from the blue'. (Fire Man (Trainee) -2015)

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