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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-12)

1➤ The meaning of the idiom 'parish pumps' is ______. (SI/ Excise Inspector/ Asst. Jailor 2015 )

2➤ The expression at sixes and sevens means: (Junior Asst. Plantation corp. 2016)

3➤ Wolfish eye means: (Lift Operator 2016)

4➤ Complete the sentence using appropriate idiom. The Manager insisted that the agreement must be made ______. (LD Clerk 2016)

5➤ Complete the sentence using the appropriate idiom Be careful lest you ______. (Computer Asst. Gr. II 2016)

6➤ My brother lives in Europe. So, I see him 'once in a bluemoon'. The underlined phrase means. (Beat Forest officer, Forest 2016)

7➤ A fish out of water means: (Asst. Salesman, Civil supplies Corp. 2016)

8➤ She responded to him 'at the drop of a hat' (meaning close to the idiom underlined): (LDC various Tamil & Mal. 2016)

9➤ At sixes and sevens means: (LDC various Kannada & Mal. 2016)

10➤ Business had now become very dog eat dog. Choose the meaning for the idiom dog eat dog. (Beverages LDC 2016)

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