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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-13)

1➤ Use the proper idiom: During the Monsoon it rains ______. (KSRTC/Store keeper 2016)

2➤ A cock and bull story means: (Field Asst. Health 2017)

3➤ Obey your superiors, don't try to ______. (Field Asst. TSR, WYND - 2017)

4➤ There are people in our society whose only aim in life is to make money ______. (Jr. Lab Asst. /Housekeeper (female) - Health Services 2017)

5➤ Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom:"To show the white feather". (Civil excise Officer 2017)

6➤ Write the correct meaning of the idiomatic expression 'A big bug': (LD Clerk Various (EKM, KNR) - 2017)

7➤ 'Hand and glove' (Jr. Employment Officer - 2017)

8➤ 'Heal over heels' means: (WPC (APB) (NCA) Police - 2017)

9➤ Select the idiom which means 'unable to reach a decision'. (Company Board)

10➤ How much is a baker's dozen: (Lab Asst -2018)

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