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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-16)

1➤ Choose the exact meaning of the idiom 'to make stock of'______. (High School Teacher English-2022)

2➤ Consider the following phrases : ( Tahsildar/ Senior Superintendent (SR from SC/ST & ST only) - Land Revenue-2022) (i) annus mirabilis - an auspicious year (ii) pro tempore - as appears in the record (iii) caveat - for the sake of argument (iv) tour de force - a thing accomplished with great skill Which of the phrases and meanings given above are correct?

3➤ In fits and starts' means:High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

4➤ When you 'call it a day' you have decided to: High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

5➤ 'Take it a pinch of salt' implies ______. High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

6➤ The 'devil's advocate'______the possible arguments of the opposing side. High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

7➤ When someone 'pulls a person's leg' it is a/an:High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

8➤ To 'defray expenses' is to: (High Court Assistant 27/02/2022)

9➤ His face was___ after the street fight. Civil Excise Officer (26/02/2022)

10➤ "Helen is the salt of the earth" means "Helen is very ________"(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage I – Various)

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