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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-2)

1➤ He was red handed. (Welfare Officer (NCA) 2003)

2➤ The idiom tooth and nail means: (LD Clerk kottayam 2003)

3➤ Once in a blue moon means. (Welfare Officer (NCA) 2003)

4➤ Which of the following means fearful or timid? (Woman Constable 2004)

5➤ 'Cream of the crop' means. (Asst. Salesman 2004)

6➤ The phrase 'at sea' conveys more or less the same meaning as. (LDC Ernakulam 2005)

7➤ Red tape means. (LDC Kollam 2005)

8➤ The word deadlock means. (LDC Kollam 2005)

9➤ 'Bolt from the blue' means. (Tribal Extension Officer-2005)

10➤ A bolt from the blue means. (LDC Pathanamthitta 2005)

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