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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-3)

1➤ A bolt from the blue means. (LDC Pathanamthitta 2005)

2➤ Get the better of means. (LDC Pathanamthitta 2005)

3➤ The phrase the fourth estate conveys more or less the same meanings as. (LDC SP Recruitment 2006)

4➤ The phrase "make both ends meet" means. (LDC SP Recruitment 2006)

5➤ Mark stands well with his boss. Stands well closely means: (BDO Prelims -2008)

6➤ The elections are fast approaching and it is time we get the ball______. (Excise Guard - 2008)

7➤ When the police interrogated the thief, he 'made a clean breast of everything' (Meaning of the idiom underlined) (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

8➤ He is quite at sea. At sea means: (BDO Prelims -2008)

9➤ Most of the people in India live from hand to mouth. The closest meaning to this idiom is: (BDO Prelims -2008)

10➤ The idiom 'storm in the tea cup' means. (BDO Prelims -2008)

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