Previous Year Series

                                                                Topic: IDIOMS (Set-6)

1➤ Raju is squirrelling money away for his retirement. Here squirreling means: (SI, EI 2010)

2➤ Phrasal verb: To shrug one's shoulders: (Dpty. Collector 2011)

3➤ The firm progressed ______. (LDC TVM 2011)

4➤ 'Chicken hearted' means: (LDC PTA 2011)

5➤ Go to the dogs means: (LDC ALP 2011)

6➤ Hardly a soul knew me in the village where I spent a weekend, means _____. (LDC KTM 2011)

7➤ Jane 'turned a deaf ear' to the advice of her parents means, Jane ______. (LDC IDKI 2011)

8➤ As the master batsman, he supported the team ______. (LDC TSR 2011)

9➤ His voice 'gets on my nerves' means: (LDC PLKD 2011)

10➤ A baker's dozen means: (LDC MLPM 2011)

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