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                                                            Topic: IDIOMS (Set-8)

1➤ What is the meaning of the idiom 'a wild goose chase'? (Lab. Asst. II 2011)

2➤ 'Achille's heel' refers to a person's: (Jr. Assi/Cashier (KZKD) 2013)

3➤ Choose the correct alternative that explains the idiom underlined in the sentence Sethu's promotion is 'on the cards'. (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA) 2013)

4➤ To conclude, let me put everything in a nut shell. In the sentence 'in a nut shell' means: (Jr. Lab. Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

5➤ 'to show white feathers' means: (LDC KSGD 2013)

6➤ Criticism of other religions ______ hatred and violence among Indians. (LDC WYND 2013)

7➤ 'Mother wit' means: (LDC KOZKD 2013)

8➤ The idiom A white elephant means: (LDC TSR 2013)

9➤ The meaning of the underlined idiom is:"Everything was 'at sixes and sevens' when I entered the house. " (LDC IDK 2013)

10➤ The idiom 'hot under the collar' means: (LDC ALPA 2013)

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