Previous Year Series

                                                            Topic: TENSES (Set-23)

1➤ My brother _____ in Delhi since 2005.(Asst.Director of National Savings.2011)

2➤ All the dolls have been _____ from Itali.(Asst.Gr.II/Clerk/Jr.Asst.2011)

3➤ The past perfect tense form of the sentence: 'He wrote a letter'.(LDC By Transfer (Various) 2011)

4➤ The past participle of 'hit' is _______.(Woman Excise Guard 2011) A) B) C) D)

5➤ He has been in Trivandrum _____ Thursday.(Woman Excise Guard 2011)

6➤ Choose the correct form: It's late. I have_____ now.(Woman Excise Guard 2011)

7➤ We_____ at 4 O'clock.(Woman Excise Guard 2011)

8➤ I_____ big cities (Use simple present)(Woman Excise Guard 2011)

9➤ When I reached the station, the train _____ started.(Woman Excise Guard 2011)

10➤ Use the correct verb form: He ______ to school every day.(Lab.Asst.I2011)

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