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                               Topic: FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES(Set-1)

1➤ Magnum opus means. (Welfare Officer (NCA) 2003)

2➤ The phrase 'in cold blood' means (LD Clerk kottayam 2003)

3➤ ________ is very largely responsible for our slow progress. (LDC Palakkad 2003)

4➤ The speaker adjourned the house (LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

5➤ 'Mala fide' means (Field Worker - 2004)

6➤ Find out the meaning of 'vis-a-vis'. (Asst. Salesman 2004)

7➤ The expression 'ex officio' means. (Tribal Extension Officer-2005)

8➤ The expression 'lingua franca' means. (Tribal Extension Officer-2005)

9➤ Meaning of the Phrase 'Ad hoc' (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

10➤ 'Prima Facie' means: (Fireman Trainee (SC/ST)- 2009) A) after all B) on the first view C) over all D) primordial'Prima Facie' means: (Fireman Trainee (SC/ST)- 2009)

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