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                               Topic: FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES(Set-2)

1➤ At the end of his speech the leader wished _____ to all. (LDC PLKD 2011)

2➤ The economic depression dealt the _____ to his business. (LDC MLPM 2011)

3➤ Meaning of these foreign words: Modus operandi (Dpty.Collector 2011)

4➤ 'Ad hoc' menas: (Asst.Director of National Savings. 2011)

5➤ Find out the meaning of 'vis-à-vis': (LDC By Transfer (Various)_ 2011)

6➤ What is the meaning of the phrase 'fait accompli': (Lab Asst.II 2011)

7➤ The expression 'vox populi' means: (Lab Asst, I 2011)

8➤ "bona fide" means: (LDC KSGD 2013)

9➤ For all her reticence and modesty, it was clear that she was a _____ expert in her field (LDC KOZKD 2013)

10➤ The appropriate meaning of 'Felo do se' is: (LDC TSR 2013)

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