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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-10)

1➤ I waited for hours, but my friend did not ______. (LDC KOZKD 2011)

2➤ The Minister agreed to ______ the Taj Mahal during his three days visit to North India. (LDC KNR 2011)

3➤ When he was about to be arrested, he ______ the police. (LDC KNR 2011)

4➤ Choose the phrasal verb which means 'demand': (LDC KSGD 2011)

5➤ He has decided to ______ his visit to Chennai. (LDC KSGD 2011)

6➤ Sex is a subject he prefers to ______. (Jr. Time Keeper (SR. ST) 2011)

7➤ Krishna cannot tolerate with his wife. (Assi. Store Keeper (KSRTC) 2011)

8➤ Choose the correct phrasal verb for the words underlined. Large people attended for the meeting. (Assi. Store Keeper (KSRTC)2011)

9➤ He was asked to ______ till he reached a pocket road (Asst. Director of National Savings. 2011)

10➤ The bus stopped to ______ passengers: (Asst. Gr. II/Clerk/Jr. Asst. 2011)

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