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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-11)

1➤ Veena ______ her sister's house last day. (LDC By Transfer (Various) 2011)

2➤ More guests ______ for the party than we had expected (Lab. Asst. I 2011)

3➤ They 'considered' every details. The suitable phrasal verb for the underlined word is: (Fireman Trainee SR/Male Warden KNR. 2013)

4➤ Find the phrasal verb that has the same meaning as tolerate: (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II PTA 2013)

5➤ Please check ______ the contents of the book carefully. (LDC/Assi. Gr. II Company 2013)

6➤ At last the rioters retreated. Find out the correct phrasal verb for the italicized word: (Jr. Lab. Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

7➤ Do not look down ______ your poor relatives. (Police Constable IRB (Regular Wing) 2013)

8➤ Look me ______ when you are in India next year. (Secretariat Assi. 2013)

9➤ 'Thieves broke into her house' here the phrase 'broke into' means: (LDC KNR 2013)

10➤ I cannot ______ what he is saying. (LDC WYND 2013)

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