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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-13)

1➤ Why don't you look ______ the dictionary to get the correct meaning of this word? (Asst. Information Officer (NCA-ST) 2014)

2➤ She ______ the bus. (Male Warden, Jail (SR. SC/ST) 2014)

3➤ They cannot ______ the fire. (SC Dvlpt Officer Gr. I (S. R For SC/ST) 2014)

4➤ The manager is very rude. They cannot ______ his behaviour. (Male Warden Jail (NCA) 2014)

5➤ Find out the phrase suitable to the underlined word: I can't 'understand' what he is saying. (VEO (PTA, EKM) 2014)

6➤ The phrasal verb 'look down upon' means: (VEO (KLM, ALP) 2014)

7➤ The new M. P ______ the Prime Minister yesterday. (VEO 2014)

8➤ We will 'cancel' the trip if the weather is bad. Replace the word underlined with correct phrasal verb form the bracket. (LDC By transfer 2014)

9➤ The rank holders 'visited' their teacher to thank him. The underlined word can be replaced by: (Women Police Constable (TSR, KNR) - 2014)

10➤ Which of the following means "understand"? (LDC (NCC) 2015)

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