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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-14)

1➤ "Made a search of" means: (Male/Female Warden 2015)

2➤ The beggar ___ crying in a horrible voice: (Male / Female Warden 2015)

3➤ The party started at 4'O clock. But Roney ______ half an hour late. (LDC Bill Collector 2015)

4➤ Choose the correct phrasal verb to fill in the blank in the sentence: The government is sure to ______ taxes soon. (Forest Guard - 2015)

5➤ We usually______early and go for a walk. (Police Constable 2015)

6➤ She did not know how to______all her difficulties. (Police Constable 2015)

7➤ Use the phrasal verb. The plane______after repairs. (HSA English, Education 2015)

8➤ The car______at the gate of the house. (Women police constable (NCA) - 2015)

9➤ Replace the italicized words with suitable phrasal verb: I 'found by chance' an interesting picture in that magazine. (VEO Gr. II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

10➤ Replace the word underlined with the correct one word given below: I can't 'understand' what the police said: (Metron Gr. I, Social justice 2015)

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