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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-15)

1➤ The teacher wanted the students to______the important points. (Sergeant (NCA) 2015)

2➤ No wife can ______ the tortures of her husband. (Fire man (trainee) 2015)

3➤ I am sure he will______from this crisis. (Comp. Asst. GR. II - 2016)

4➤ He______some useful tips. Choose the correct phrasal verb (LDC 2016)

5➤ Yasin______on his journey last Friday. (Beat forest Officer - Forest 2016)

6➤ Choose the correct phrasal verb: She _____ her new uniform. (LD Clerk, 2016)

7➤ They can't go along with her: (LDC various Tamil and Mal. 2016)

8➤ The agitation by the workers for higher wages has _____. (Lab Asst. KHSE 2016)

9➤ Find out the phrasal verb which means 'postpone' (Confidential Asst. Gr. II, 2016)

10➤ Fill in the blank with a suitable phrasal verb: Quinine is ______ the bark hof a plant called synchona (VEO Gr II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

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