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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-16)

1➤ Mrs. Nalini ___ her children to be truthful. (Beverages LD 2016)

2➤ Use suitable phrasal verb: The plane______at ten o' clock. (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

3➤ "I couldn't understand his words". Replace the underlined word with the appropriate phrasal verb: (Field Assi. Health 2017)

4➤ He ____ his new coat and went out for a walk. (Field Asst. TSR, WYD -2017)

5➤ John ____ his friend at the theatre. (Jr. Lab Asst. / House keeper female -Health services 2017)

6➤ Find the phrase that best fits into the blank in the sentence. The occasion ______ prompt action. (Civil excise Officer 2017)

7➤ We could not ______ the inscription on the wall. (Store Keeper-KSFDC/Mlae Warden - SC Development - 2018)

8➤ I _____ the light. (Beat Forest Officer-2018)

9➤ It is difficult to _____ his rude behavior. (Lab Asst. -2018)

10➤ Her mother ________ last year. (VEO (TVM, KZKD)-2019

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