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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-18)


1➤ Rosa Parks was thrown off the Montgomery bus for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger. Which definition fits the phrase thrown off in the above sentence most appropriately? (Degree Prelims Phase-II - 30/10/2021)

2➤ He______a large bill at the shopping centre yesterday. Choose the correct phrasal verb. (Degree Prelims Phase-II - 30/10/2021)

3➤ He______to her until she agreed to help. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 1 (10/04/2021)

4➤ Arun______his grandparents last week. LDC MAINS (20/11/2021)

5➤ Choose the correct phrasal verb. We pay a Rs. 10,000 deposit. Ldc Kannada Knowing (02/11/2021)

6➤ My old friend______after fifteen years. Plus Two Prelims Phase 2 (18/04/2021)

7➤ The teacher______me and I didn't know the answer: Ldc Tamil Knowing (28/11/2021)

8➤ Use a phrasal verb. He does not______any misbehaviour in his class. Degree Prelims Phase-I (13/11/2021)

9➤ The angry passengers held up the bus. The meaning of the phrasal verb 'held up' is: Assistant Compiler Live Stock Development Board Ltd. (8/12/2021)

10➤ Which of the following alternatives brings out the meaning of the phrasal verb 'spark off' clearly? (LP School Teacher (Malayalam Medium)-2022)

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