Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-2)

1➤ It took firefighters four hours to______the fire. (LDC Wayanad 2003)

2➤ I am not able to______the situation. (LDC Thrissur 2003)

3➤ To put up with means______. (LDC Thrissur 2003)

4➤ Children can usually______their parents. (LD Clerk kottayam 2003)

5➤ Sydney Cartoon, proposed to Lucio but she______the offer of marriage. (LDC Alappuzha 2003)

6➤ It is difficult to______a conversation with all this noise around us. (LD Clerk Pathanamthitta 2003)

7➤ The new manager has______many changes. (LDC Kasargod 2003)

8➤ The train was coming, the supervisor______the workers to stop working on rail. (Secretariat Assistant Preliminary Exam 2004)

9➤ Veluthampi Dalawa ______ a brave fight against British Army. (Secretariat Assistant Preliminary Exam 2004)

10➤ When the light went______I went to sleep. (Male warden - 2004)

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