Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-3)


1➤ His handwriting is shabby. I cannot______what he has written. (Field Worker - 2004)

2➤ He has not given______drinking. (Field Worker - 2004)

3➤ Veena______ her sister's house last day. (Asst. Salesman 2004)

4➤ I cannot understand what the police said (Woman Constable 2004)

5➤ She takes______ her father. (LDC Kasargod 2005)

6➤ I could scarcely______ his writing? (LDC Kannur 2005)

7➤ How do you______ your new neighbour? (LDC Kannur 2005)

8➤ The chief guest______the prizes to the winners. (LDC Palakkad 2005)

9➤ Lincon put an end to slavery in America (LDC Palakkad 2005)

10➤ We can______you at a hotel for two years. (LDC Thrissur 2005)

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