Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-4)

1➤ The theif______his house last night. (LDC Ernakulam 2005)

2➤ The High Court______the decision of the lower court. (LDC Idukki 2005)

3➤ Please look______my father till I come. (LDC Kottayam 2005)

4➤ The principal gave______the prizes. (LDC Kottayam 2005)

5➤ Please look______this word in the dictionary. (LDC Kottayam 2005)

6➤ The Officer asked the assistant to______the file. (LDC Alappuzha 2005)

7➤ Put______the light, please. (LDC Pathanamthitta 2005)

8➤ I will______you next sunday. (LDC SP Recruitment 2006)

9➤ He looked______the word in the dictionary. (LDC Malappuram 2007)

10➤ The riot was put______by the police. (LDC Palakkad 2007)

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