Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-5)

1➤ In spite of the increased police patrolling the crime rate is ______. (LDC Kannur 2007)

2➤ Quinine is______the bark of a plant called CinchonA) (LDC Kottayam 2007)

3➤ Mary decided to______the post in the face of protests against her nomination. (LDC Kollam 2007)

4➤ Act fast as time is______. (Asst. Time Keeper 2008)

5➤ The mansion was pulled down, to make way for a housing complex. The words italicized mean: (BDO Prelims -2008)

6➤ The government has decided to______all unauthorized buildings. (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

7➤ Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the people to _____ the cruelties of British authorities. (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

8➤ The car pulled ______ before the front door. (BDO Prelims -2008)

9➤ I meant ______ your attention to this matter. (BDO Prelims -2008)

10➤ Unhygienic surroundings _______ health problems. (BDO Prelims -2008)

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