Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-7) 

1➤ The meeting was______to a later date. (Store Keeper-Welfare Organizer-2008)

2➤ The Footfall player was fined for taking _____ his shirt during the game. (Store Keeper-Welfare Organizer-2008)

3➤ A book fell _____ the shelf. (Female Warden - 2008)

4➤ His offer of help was______by the family. (Asst. Time Keeper 2008)

5➤ When the teacher came to the class the student______. (Excise Preventive Officer 2008)

6➤ The minister called______ his programme. (Male warden-2009)

7➤ As Shirly was walking too fast I could not______with her. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

8➤ Without careful nursing the patient can't pull______. (Sub Inspector - 2009)

9➤ As he was cleaning his gun, it went______and killed him. (Sub Inspector - 2009)

10➤ Which of the following phrase means "attain"? (Clerk Typist/LD Typist/Company Board -2009)

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