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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-8)


1➤ The minister called _____ his programme. (Male warden-2009)

2➤ If you are weak in Mathematics, you should do something _____ it. (I.H.R.D.Office Assistant - 2010)

3➤ The meaning of the phrasal verb call on. (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

4➤ Choose the correct verb form: Were you able to recover your stolen laptop? (FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

5➤ I have got to _____ the watch I bought yesterday as it is not working. (Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

6➤ The cricket match was______because of rain. (LDC (SC/ST) 2010)

7➤ I am______half of my salary every month to buy a house. (LDC (SC/ST) 2010)

8➤ Choose the word which best fits into the blank. Who will look ______ your house while you are away? (Typist Gr. II (Company/Board) Corp. 2011)

9➤ Choose one word for the underlined words: Krishna gave up smoking. (Assi. Store Keeper (KSRTC) 2011)

10➤ When did the accident ______? (LDC TVM 2011)

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