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                                             Topic: PHRASAL VERBS (Set-9)

1➤ A make ______ shelter was made for the refugees. (LDC TVM 2011)

2➤ His academic performance should be 'taken into account'. Replace the underlined words with a suitable option. (LDC KLM 2011)

3➤ I looked______the number in the telephone directory. (LDC KLM 2011)

4➤ While in Mumbai, he ______ at a five-star hotel. (LDC PTA 2011)

5➤ I always______ my revision notes just before I go into an examination. (LDC ALP 2011)

6➤ Pick out the phrasal verb which means the word underlined. Terrorists 'attacked' the patrolling soldiers. (LDC KTM 2011)

7➤ Raji plans to ______ her new dress on the Birthday party party. (LDC IDK 2011)

8➤ The thief ______ by the back door. (LDC EKM 2011)

9➤ Ramu visited his friend in the hospital. (LDC PLKD 2011)

10➤ He would have overcome his difficulties by his hard-working nature. Use a phrase with similar meaning. (LDC MLPM 2011)

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