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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-15)

1➤ The opposite of 'sacred' is: (Police Constable IRB Regular Wing 2013)

2➤ Select the antonym of the word 'critical'? (Sales Assi.Handicrafts Dvlpt Corp.2013)

3➤ Which of the following means the opposite of 'precarious'? (Male Warden, Jail (SR.SC/ST) 2014)

4➤ The antonym of the word 'scarcity' (LD (Various) VEO (ST SR. & PH) 2014)

5➤ The antonym of 'acquit' is: (SI, EI, Assi.Jailor 2014)

6➤ Choose the best antonym for OBLITERATE: (Divisional Accountant, Water Authority 2014)

7➤ What is the opposite of ANOMALY? (SC Dvlpt Officer Gr. I (S.R For SC/ST) 2014)

8➤ Find out the antonym of the underlined word. Your luggage is 'heavy' where as mine is ___. (VEO PTA, EKM 2014)

9➤ Unite: Separate; Virtue: ______. (Women Police Constable (TSR, KNR) - 2014

10➤ The antonym of 'fortune' is: (VEO 2014)

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