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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-3)

1➤ The opposite of 'Ascend' is (L.D) Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

2➤ The opposite of 'humble' is: (LDC Kasargod 2003)

3➤ The antonym for boisterous. (FIREMAN GRADE II - 2003)

4➤ The antonym for abhor is. (FIREMAN GRADE II - 2003)

5➤ The antonym of 'prosperity' is. (LDC By transfer - 2003)

6➤ The antonym for 'similar' is. (LDC By transfer - 2003)

7➤ The officer exonerated him from the charges, but he was_______ again. (Opposite of the underlined word) (Male warden - 2004)

8➤ Write the antonym of the word scarce. (Woman Constable 2004)

9➤ Opposite of the word 'giant' is. (Asst. Salesman 2004)

10➤ The opposite of Detrimental is. (Tribal Extension Officer-2005)

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