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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-9)

1➤ Everybody was astonished when he used such a profane language. (Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

2➤ The treaty was ratified by all the member states. Give the antonyms of the word underlined: (Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

3➤ Opposite of Assemble: (Sub Inspector Armed Police 2010)

4➤ Opposite of appoint: (Sub Inspector Armed Police 2010)

5➤ Convict: (LD Clerk Beverages Corporation - 2010)

6➤ Sharp: Find the antonyms from the given words: (LD Clerk Beverages Corporation - 2010)

7➤ The antonym of diligent is ______. (Fireman Trainee-2010)

8➤ The antonym of timid is: (Fireman Trainee-2010)

9➤ The antonym of behave is: (FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

10➤ ABSTAIN Select a word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the word given in capital letter: (FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

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