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                               Topic: FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES(Set-3)

1➤ The phrase magnum opus means: (LDC KTM 2013)

2➤ 'Ab initio' menas: (LDC TVM 2013)

3➤ The expression 'en masse' means: (LDC KNR 2013)

4➤ 'Carpe diem' means: (LDC ALPA 2013)

5➤ 'Opus-magnum' means? (LDC PMTA 2013)

6➤ Write the abbreviation of 'eg': (Jr. LaB) Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

7➤ 'Ad-hoc' is a foreign word use in English which means: (Jr. LaB) Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

8➤ The expression 'vox populi' means: (Asst. information Officer (NCA - ST) 2014)

9➤ What does the word 'Prime facie' means? (Male Warden, Jail (S R. SC/ST)2014)

10➤ The meaning of 'status quo': (LDC (Various) & VEO (ST.SR & PH) 2014)

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