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                               Topic: FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES(Set-4)

1➤ The toy was very attractive, but nobody knew its 'mode of operation', The substitute for the underlined word is: (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2015)

2➤ Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word: 'vis a vis': (Lab) Assi.KHSE 2016)

3➤ The meaning of the foreign word underlined: Raju's friend is a 'bonafide' expert in English. (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

4➤ 'Vice versa' means: (LDC Various Kannada & Malayalam 2016)

5➤ Choose the meaning of the Latin word 'Viva voce': (Beverages LDC 2016)

6➤ The Latin word 'Magnum opus' means: (LD Clerk 2016)

7➤ The phrase 'bona fides' means: (Field Assi. Health 2017)

8➤ 'Faux pas' means: Plus Two Prelims Phase 2 (18/04/2021)

9➤ Synonym of 'qui vive' is: Plus Two Prelims Phase 1 (10/04/2021)

10➤ Expansion of ' Plus Two Prelims Phase 1 (10/04/2021)

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