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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-16)

1➤ Fill in the blanks with the opposite of the verb underlined. The train 'arrived' at the station at 8 a.m. and ______ at 9 a.m. (LDC By Transfer 2014)

2➤ Choose the correct antonym of the word: 'Recalcitrant': (LDC (SR-PH) 2014)

3➤ He is 'benevolent' though his father is______. (VEO 2014)

4➤ Choose the correct antonym of the underlined word: She is having a 'maligant' tumour. (Jr. Assi. / Cashier/Assi. Gr. II KSFE/KSEB/Trissur Corp.2015)

5➤ The opposite of 'invade' is: (Male/Female Warden 2015)

6➤ Antonym of 'zenith': (HSA English, Education 2015)

7➤ The antonym of 'benevolent': (Jr. Assi. / Cashier KSEB 2015)

8➤ Find out the antonym for 'modest': (Transport Officer KSRTC by Transfer 2015)

9➤ Select the word opposite in meaning to the word in italics: The dishevelled appearance of the two men on the street made everyone take notice of them. (Divisional Accountant 2015)

10➤ The antonym of 'mitigate' is: (LDC Bill Collector 2015)

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