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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-19)

1➤ Happy: Unhappy: 'Appear': _____. (Field Assi. Health 2017)

2➤ The antonym of 'fragrance' is: (Jr. Lab Assi. /House Keeper (female) - Health Service)

3➤ Antonym of the word 'clear'. (Field Assi. TSR, WYND - 2017) A) B) C) D)

4➤ Select word which is opposite to "STERN". (Civil excise Officer 2017)

5➤ Identify the antonym of the underlined word The young 'gallant' Lochinvar rode in on his steed (Lab Asst.2018)

6➤ Antonyms of 'bravery': (Lab Asst.2018)

7➤ The antonym of 'pride' is _______. (VEO-(TVM, KKD) 2019)

8➤ The antonym of diligent is______. (VEO-(ALPA, KTM, TSR)-2019)

9➤ The antonym of 'obstinate': (VEO (KSGD, PKD, EKM)-2019)

10➤ She cast a 'furtive' glance in our direction.

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