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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-20)

1➤ I don't like his 'lugubrious' expression.

2➤ These claims are absolutely 'preposterous'.

3➤ He was always scrupulous in his business dealings.

4➤ Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word 'adversity'? (Kas Officer (Junior Time Scale) Trainee - Kerala Administrative Service 22/02/2020)

5➤ What is the opposite word of "invent"? (COMPUTER ASSISTANT GR II in GOVT SECRETARIAT etc. 2020)

6➤ The antonym of extravagant is _________. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept -2020)

7➤ 'Affluent' patients go to this hospital. (Choose the word opposite to the one underlined). (VEO SC/ST -27/12/2021)

8➤ Antonyms of "fickle' is. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 1 - 10/04/2021)

9➤ Give the antonym of the word liability. (Medical Photographer - 06/12/2021)

10➤ Write the antonym of the word "Reproach': (Ldc Tamil Knowing - 28/11/2021)

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