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                                                    Topic: ANTONYMS (Set-22)

1➤ Choose the antonym of the word FELICITOUS from the given options. (Beat Forest Officer - 21/03/2022)

2➤ From the given options, choose the option that is the most opposite in the meaning to the underlined word. The world must realize the 'futility' of wars. (Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage II - 19/11/22)

3➤ He is polite to everyone. (Rewrite the sentence as a negative sentence without changing the meaning.)(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage III - 10.12.2022)

4➤ Choose the opposite word for subversion.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage III - 10.12.2022)

5➤ Opposite of the word ‘Invincible’ is... (Legal Assi. / Legal Assi. Grade II Dept: KSIDC Ltd/ Law Department (Govt. Secretariat) – 03.06.2022)

6➤ Pick the word/s opposite to the word in italics: The greatest evil which fortune can inflict on men is to endow them with small talents and great ambition. (Sales Assistant, Special Branch Assistant SBCID, Assistant & Assistant/Auditor (Degree Mains) – 21.12.2022) i. Detest ii. Divest. iii. Debut.

7➤ What is the antonym of the word ‘nadir’? (Assistant Director of National Savings – 23.12.2022)

8➤ Which of the following word is an antonym of the word ‘mad’? (Field Officer in KFDC Ltd, Assi. in Universities, SI (Trainee) in Police) – Degree prelims Stage I 29-04-2023)

9➤ Antonym of dusk (Assistant Prison Officer/ Female APO 10th Mains - 25-04-2023)

10➤ Fill in the blanks using the antonym of the underlined word: He took medicine to alleviate the pain but it only served to ———————— the pain. (Typist, LD Typist, Reporter Gr II & Confidential Assi. Gr II in KEAEC, KSCSC & Legislature Secretariat - 22-02-2023)

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