Previous Year Series

                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-15)

1➤ Securing a cross - party consensus on how to deal with clashes remained exclusive. Here consensus means: (Sub Inspector (Trainee) - 2010)

2➤ Postmortem means the examination of a dead body. Another word with the same meaning; (Sub Inspector Armed Police 2010)

3➤ The convict was an incorrigible criminal. Here that word incorrigible means: (Sub Inspector (Trainee) - 2010)

4➤ The synonym of 'expiry' spelt: (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

5➤ 'Alien'means: (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

6➤ 'Donor' means: (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

7➤ Impudent: (LD Clerk Beverages Corporation - 2010)

8➤ What do these words. Genial: (LD Clerk Beverages Corporation - 2010)

9➤ Paul, the 'Oracle Octopus' has become a legend in the quadrennial football extravaganza in South Africa. Here the word quadrennial means: (SI, EI 2010)

10➤ The Ex-Prime Minister exchanged reminiscences with his former aides. (Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

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