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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-16)

1➤ What do you mean by topiary? (SI, EI 2010)

2➤ Fragile means ______. (Fireman Trainee-2010)

3➤ Abortive is the synonym of ______. (Fireman Trainee-2010)

4➤ Offspring means:

5➤ The synonym of accuse is: (FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

6➤ Pick out the synonym of 'whet'. (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

7➤ Insolence (synonym). (LDC (SC/ST) 2010)

8➤ It was his _____nature which made him continue where most would have given up. (Jr. Time Keeper (SR.ST) 2011)

9➤ Antony is ______ his school days. (Assi.Store Keeper (KSRTC) 2011)

10➤ Censure has the meaning: LDC PTA 2011)

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