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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-17)\

1➤ Inadvertent means ________. (Forest Guard 2011)

2➤ Admonish (Jr. Time Keeper (SR, ST) 2011)

3➤ Which of the following word is most similar in meaning to the word 'feeble'? (LDC TSR 2011)

4➤ Select the word closest in meaning to the word 'ado': (LDC TVM 2011)

5➤ Which is the word equal in meaning to 'Pester'? (LDC PTA 2011)

6➤ The word nearest in meaning to 'Futile' _______. (LDC ALP 2011)

7➤ Word nearest in meaning of 'Lucrative'? (Asst. Gr. II /Clerk/Jr.Asst.2011)

8➤ 'Ingenious' means _______. (LD Typist Various 2011)

9➤ Meaning of two confusable words: Premier/Premiere (Dpty.Collector 2011)

10➤ Complement means _______. (LD Typist Various 2011)

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