Previous Year Series


1➤ A group of lions is known as ______. (Sergeant (NCA) 2015)

2➤ A litter of: (Asst.Sales man, Civil Supplies Corp. 2016)

3➤ Choose the correct group word: I bought _____ of bread yesterday. (KSRTC/Store keeper 2016)

4➤ A ______ of geese was heard a mile away. (LD Clerk-Various (PTM, PKD)-2017)

5➤ A ______ of monkeys entered from forest and destroyed the crops. (Lower Division Clerk - Various (IDK, ALP, KZD)-2017)

6➤ ______ of flowers. (LD Clerk Various (KLM, TSR, KSD)-2017)

7➤ Select the most suitable collective noun : ________ musicians attended the opening ceremony. (Police Constable IRB (RW) (NCA-SCCC) - 04/09/2020)

8➤ A _____ of Journalists. (Secratariat OA - 11/12/2021)

9➤ A ________ of lions lived in the jungle. (Junior Asst./ Asst. Gr II/ EDP Asst. - KSBCDC Ltd/ODEPC Ltd/KSIEL/ KSCRMF Ltd - 2022)

10➤ Fill in the blank with appropriate collective noun. The farmer moved his __________ of cows to higher ground to avoid the flood. (Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage II - 19/11/22)

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