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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-21)

1➤ The meaning of Proclaim: (LDC Police Constable 2013)

2➤ The word statue means an image. Then what does the statute means: (Jr. Lab.Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

3➤ I have brought new drapes for my bedroom. Drapes is an American English Word. What does it mean in British English? (Jr. Lab.Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

4➤ The word photogenic means 'looking attractive in a photograph: What does the word photocall means? (Jr. Lab.Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA) 2013)

5➤ 'OBSEQUIOUS' means: (LDC KOZKD 2013)

6➤ The tribal dancers danced round the fire wearing grotesque masks. 'Grotesque' means the same as: (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA) 2013)

7➤ The word which has the same meaning of 'prominence' is: (LDC WYND 2013)

8➤ Choose the correct meaning of the following word: 'Celebrity' (LDC MLPM 2013)

9➤ The word 'clandestine' means: (LDC ALPA 2013)

10➤ The word nearest in meaning to the word 'endeavour' is: (LDC KLM 2013)

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