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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-24)

1➤ Meaning of the word Pedestrian. (Male Warden Jail (NCA) 2014)

2➤ Choose the best synonym for 'DOCILE': (Divisional Accountant, Water Authority 2014)

3➤ Find out the synonym of the underlined word. Ganges is a 'holy' river. (VEO PTA, EKM 2014)

4➤ The synonym for 'Chide' is _______. (VEO 2014)

5➤ The synonym of the word 'frivolous': (LDC (Various) & VEO (ST.SR & PH) 2014)

6➤ The villagers in the flood hit areas were in peril but the Government took _____measures to rescue all of them. (VEO Gr. II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

7➤ Elephantiasis is a: (VEO Gr. II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

8➤ The word callous means______. (High School Assi.English 2015)

9➤ The foreign word NOEL means? (Male/Female Warden 2015)

10➤ The word Fraudulence means: (Woman Police Constable (NCA) 2015)

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