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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-27)

1➤ Synonym for the word 'overjoyed'. (Computer Assi. Gr. II. 2016)

2➤ Hypochondria is: (Jr. Lab Assi/House Keeper (female) -Health Services 2017)

3➤ Nocturnal means: (Field Assi.TSR, WYND-2017)

4➤ The synonym of the word 'change' is ______. (Field Assi.Health 2017)

5➤ The synonym of 'innocent' is: (Jr.Lab. Assi/House Keeper (female) - Health Services 2017)

6➤ Select a word synonymous with 'INTEGRITY' (Civil excise Offficer 2017)

7➤ Synonym of 'Kind-hearted' is: (LDC-ALP-2017)

8➤ The word synonymous with 'conceal' is: (WPC-2017)

9➤ The meaning of the word 'debauchery': (Lab Asst.2018)

10➤ The word nearest in meaning to 'sneer': (VEO (KSGD, PKD, EKM)-2019)

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