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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-28)

1➤ Pick out the synonym of the word 'depositary': (VEO-(KLM, IDK, KNR)-2019)

2➤ Find out the synonym of the given word: EMINENT (Police Constable IRB (RW) (NCA-SCCC) - 04/09/2020)

3➤ The synonym of eccentric is______. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept -2020)

4➤ Write the synonym of 'akin'. (Degree Prelims Phase-Ii (30/10/2021)

5➤ We were surprised by his temerity (Select the word which has the same meaning as the one underlined). VEO SC/ST (27/12/2021)

6➤ The synonym of the word "Bait". Secratariat OA (11/12/2021)

7➤ The synonym of the word 'Abduct': Ldc Tamil Knowing (28/11/2021)

8➤ The synonym of 'seize' is______. Ldc Ex-Servicemen (07/10/2021)

9➤ The meaning of 'harmony' is______. Ldc Ex-Servicemen (07/10/2021)

10➤ Without supervision, children might eat unhealthy food or lead a 'sedentary' lifestyle. Identify the meaning of the underlined word. Degree Prelims Phase-I (13/11/2021)

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