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                                                    Topic: SYNONYMS (Set-29)

1➤ The synonym of 'MUSTER' is: Assistant Compiler Live Stock Development Board Ltd. (8/12/2021)

2➤ Give the synonym of fugacious: (Tahsildar/ Senior Superintendent (SR from SC/ST & ST only) - Land Revenue-2022)

3➤ Choose the most effective word that is nearly same in meaning to the word 'benevolent'. (High School Teacher English- Education 2022)

4➤ Which of the following words means 'about to happen, threatening'? (High School Teacher English - Education 2022)

5➤ Which of the following alternatives means 'benign'? (LP School Teacher (Malayalam Medium) - Education)

6➤ Find the word that can be used as a synonym for 'Clump': Computer Assistant Gr II/ Typist Clerk/ Stenographer/ CA Gr II/ Office Assistant - Plus 2 Level Main Examination, 2022)

7➤ Pick the synonym of 'DILIGENCE' from the options given below. Civil Excise Officer (26/02/2022)

8➤ "The young man was baffled by the questions of the policemen." Which is an apt synonym for the word 'baffled'? Police Constable (20/03/2022)

9➤ Resolute' is a synonym of: (High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

10➤ To 'abjure' means to: (High Court Assistant (27/02/2022)

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